The Role of Inflammation in Osteoarthritis Development and Progression

Author(s): Zhing Chao

Osteoarthritis (OA) is a prevalent and debilitating joint disorder that affects millions of individuals worldwide. This paper provides a comprehensive overview of osteoarthritis, aiming to enhance the understanding of its etiology, clinical manifestations, and contemporary treatment options. The etiology of OA is multifaceted, involving genetic predisposition, mechanical stress, and inflammatory processes. We explore the complex interplay between these factors and their contribution to the development and progression of OA. Clinical manifestations of OA, including joint pain, stiffness, and reduced function, are discussed in detail. Emphasis is placed on the impact of OA on patients' quality of life, highlighting the need for effective management strategies. The pharmacological interventions to non-pharmacological approaches such as physical therapy and lifestyle modifications. We delve into the latest research on disease-modifying drugs, joint preservation techniques, and regenerative therapies, offering insights into promising directions for future treatments. In conclusion, this paper underscores the significance of osteoarthritis as a global health concern and provides a valuable resource for clinicians, researchers, and policymakers striving to better understand and address this prevalent musculoskeletal disorder