The healing power of a smile: Recreating an esthetically and functionally acceptable dentition through a multidisciplinary approach

Author(s): Reema Sharaf

Patients today demand a youthful, attractive smile with comfortable functional acceptance. The complete oral rehabilitation of patients with a functionally compromised dentition frequently involves a multidisciplinary approach and presents a considerable clinical challenge as every case is unique in itself. To a great extent, proper patient selection and careful interdisciplinary treatment planning, including acknowledgment of the patient's perceived needs, reasons for seeking services, financial ability, and socioeconomic profile, can govern the predictability of successful restorations. This clinical report describes a successful multidisciplinary approach for the management of a severely worn dentition due to alcohol consumption, heavy cigarette smoking, and poor oral hygiene. A team approach that includes the clinicians, the laboratory technician, and the patient is essential to achieve the desired results.