The evidence for dietary manipulation in inflammatory arthritis

Author(s): Hannah Jethwa, Megan Prince, Marwan Bukhari & Sonya Abraham

Over the past few decades there has been an increasing interest in the role that diet plays on the development and clinical manifestations of inflammatory arthritis. Although much remains to be elucidated, prospective cohort studies reviewing the relation of diet and rheumatoid arthritis development are suggestive that dietary components may play a fundamental role. Furthermore, data on microbiome dysbiosis in the pathogenesis of inflammatory disease further adds strength to the thought that dietary manipulation in patients may have ameliorative effects on their inflammatory disease; it may be that dietary alterations in patients at risk of inflammatory arthritis may reduce the development of clinical disease. In this review, we discuss the role that diet may play in the pathogenesis of inflammatory arthritis and highlight the clinical evidence available on dietary manipulation for the amelioration of disease activity.

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