The effect of the optimal design of the educational space on the promotion of creativity

Author(s): Hanieh Alipanah

Creativity is one of the great features of human thinking. The present research was carried out with the aim of the effect of the optimal design of the educational space on the improvement of creativity. The current study was a descriptive analytical design that was carried out by regression or prediction method. The statistical population of the present study was all high school students in Tabriz city in the academic year 2019- 2020. 370 of them were selected as the sample and the questionnaire of optimal design of educational space and creativity was distributed among them. Data were collected using SPSS software version 19 cases were analyzed. Statistical analysis of the data was Pearson correlation coefficient and regression. The findings showed that there is a significant relationship between variation in space detail, the use of natural materials, variability in coloration, variety in lighting, flexible and flexible space, and the existence of flower and plant with cognitive creativity. This difference is significant at P <0. 01 is meaningful. Based on the findings of this study, educational providers are recommended to consider environmental components and external education in students' creativity, and take into account students' and students' environments.