SELDI-TOF-MS Analysis of Transcriptional Activation Protein Binding to Response Elements Regulating Carcinogenesis Enzymes

Author(s): Opeyemi Oluwasanmi Adeloye

The risk from chemical carcinogens and environmental toxins relies on the metabolic balance between bioactivation and detoxification enzymes. Therefore, agents that alter catalyst expression area unit vital factors in toxicity. sweetening or suppression of enzyme activities through organic phenomenon is partly regulated by interactions between specific polymer promoter response parts and specific transcription proteins. DNAprotein interactions area unit dependent upon translocation of proteins from the living substance to the nucleus and the affinity of proteins for binding to transcription promoter sequences. A key think about both processes is that the intracellular reaction state, that influences protein-protein interactions and protein-DNA binding and might be altered by exposure to electrophiles, antioxidants and oxidative stress.