Review of traditional modern usage,photochemistry, essential oils extractsand pharmacology of Embelia ribes Burm

Author(s): Albert Ronie, Kris Jericho

Review of traditional / modern usage, photochemistry, essential oils / extracts and
pharmacology of Embelia ribes Burm. Also known as Vedanta in Ayurveda (E. ribes,
Myrsinaceae), it has been shown to have significant therapeutic effects under several
conditions, and its major bioactive ingredient, embelin, is an innovative drug. It has the
potential for treatment to be converted into. It’s been getting a lot of interest lately. In
this study, a higher level of understanding, awareness, and comprehensive understanding
of the traditional usage, photochemistry, and pharmacological properties of E. ribes over
the last few decades (February 1965 to June 2021).[1] Providing knowledge and research
on essential oils from E. Ribs with great potential for antioxidant and anti-inflammatory