Retaliation of Initiation and Seedling Growth Of

Author(s): Ramesh Acharya

In this system, myriad Pro he nature of the planting substrate plays a significant role in the germination, establishment, and growth of the plant. In the current experiment, the germination and growth of the Jute plant in an aquaponics system with tilapia fish was investigated using three different substrate types: gravel, rice husk, and palm kernel shell. Five hundred-litter plastic tanks containing tilapia fingerlings at initial stocking densities of 250 fish m−3 were used. One gram of Jute seed was sown in a 1 m2 planting trough, which contained the three substrates separately in triplicates The germination percentage of the jute plant on gravel substrate (84%) and rice husk (72%) was significantly higher (P < 0.05)compared to the palm kernel shell (55%) The rates of growth in height (centimetres per day) of jute plant and fresh shoot biomass yield were significantly lower on palm kernel substrate (P < 0.05).