Relevance of serum monoamine neurotransmitter, clinical symptoms, and fibromyalgia in individuals with autoimmune disorders

Author(s): Henry Victor

Aim of the work

To estimate humour level of monoamine neurotransmitter in autoimmune disorder (RA) patients and study its relation with varied clinical information, photography scores and fibromyalgia.

Patients and strategies

This study concerned eighty RA patients divided equally in line with autoantibody (RF) positivism. changed Health Assessment form, unwellness activity score in 28-joints (DAS 28), visual analogue scale of pain, Short kind Health Survey for mental and physical health, fibromyalgia form, RA articular harm score and tomography joint harm by van der Heidi modification were assessed. Humour level for monoamine neurotransmitter was measured for all patients.


Serum monoamine neurotransmitter level was high in RA, particularly in seropositive patients. It incontestable central medicine and peripheral pro-inflammatory role. The selective-serotonin reuptake inhibitor may well be of profit solely in RA with FMS.