Protection and Reinforcement of Tooth Structures

Author(s): Toru Nikaido

The resin coating is applied on the cut surfaces immediately after tooth preparation and before making an impression by assembling a dentin bonding system and a flow able composite. Resin coatings minimize pulp irritation and improve the bond strength between a resin cement and tooth when bonding the restoration to tooth. Recently, thinfilm coating dental materials based on all-in-one adhesive technology were introduced for resin coating of indirect restorations. In light of the many benefits provided by such a protective layer, these all-in-one adhesive materials may therefore also have the potential to cover exposed root dentin surfaces and prevent caries formation. In this paper, recent progress of the dental coating materials and their clinical applications are reviewed. The thin coatings play an important role in protecting the dentin from physical, chemical, and biological irritation.