Prosthodontic challenges – Pink porcelain

Author(s): Abeer A. Al Sounbl

One of the challenges that a prosthodontic face is the replacement of anterior teeth in areas of significant ridge deformities. A clinician in this case does not aim to meet the patient's high esthetic expectations only, but also to restore teeth function. Gingival replacement is considered a component of comprehensive prosthetic management. As a result, a clinician must understand all the available options and limitations without the need of a surgical procedure in case of its contraindication or patients’ refusal. Use of pink porcelain offers a satisfying resolution for both the patient and clinician. It provides an esthetic and symmetric result with the availability to disguise the defect. When correctly understood and utilized, pink porcelain can reestablish the anatomy of lost tissue and thus aid in the reproductions of the color and texture of the patient's gum line. This poster discusses the case of a 55-year-old female complaining of grade III mobility of the lower anterior teeth due to chronic severe periodontitis resulting in vertical ridge defect in the lower ridge following surgical extraction. In addition to substandard RCT and defective PFM crowns requiring full dental rehabilitative treatment.

The aim of this treatment was to halt the disease causing the defect, replace the deformity, and provide an esthetic smile that satisfies both the patient and clinician. The patient's demand of an inexpensive, transient treatment without extensive periodontal surgery was the determining factor in the choice of the treatment method and material used. Pink porcelain ensured that the patient's request was full-filled and provided the clinician with a predictable approach through which restoration was esthetically and functionally achieved.