Oroxylum indicum leaf extracts for screening of antimicrobial properties and phytochemicals

Author(s): J. SatyaEswari*, Swasti Dhagat, Sweta Naik & Sagar Dibya

Background: Oroxylum indicum is mostly found in subcontinent of India. The stem, bark and roots of this plant have shown to have medicinal properties against inflammation, asthma, dysentery, cancer, fever, gastritis and respiratory disorders. Phytochemicals are compounds produced by plants which provide them defence against their competitors. They have been found to possess chemicals that are a potential source of medicines and products of industrial importance. In the current study, the extracts of leaves of O. indicum have been used to study the presence of phytochemical. Along with it, the leaf extracts have also been used to study their antimicrobial activity against Pseudomonas aeruginosa and Bacillus subtilis.

Methods and findings: The alcoholic extracts of leaves of O. indicum were tested for the presence of various phytochemicals, namely, terpenoids, phlobatannins, flavonoids, reducing sugars, phenols and tannins, carbohydrates, alkaloids and glycosides. The results showed that the leaves of O. indicum produce phlobatannins, flavonoids, phenols and tannins and glycosides. The antimicrobial activity of leaf extracts against P. aeruginosa and B. subtilis were observed as a clear zone of inhibition around the antimicrobial discs.

Conclusion: The current study reveals that the leaf extracts of O. indicum can be used as a potential source of phytochemicals and antimicrobial compounds for the production of novel drug molecules.

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