Perception of Youth towards Agripreneurship with Reference to Ramanagara District of Karnataka

Author(s): Nagaraju LG*, Shubha A

India is one of the major performers in the agriculture sector worldwide and it is the primary source of livelihood for about 58% of India’s population. But most of the farmers are not completely employed in all 365 days it leads to increased number of people as unemployed who living in rural areas and they are migrating to urban areas in search of jobs in order to create full employment in agriculture. The agripreneurship, as a key figure in the economic progression of agrarian and developing societies, refers to entrepreneurship in agriculture. The concept of agricultural entrepreneurship was introduced to support young farmer’s as well agricultural industries by improving the means of production and increasing market engagements. This study highlights, the importance of agripreneurship and perception of youths towards agripreneurship.