Pediatric and Adolescent Disorders: Diagnosis, Treatment, and Management

Author(s): Linshing Ming

Pediatric and adolescent disorders represent a complex and dynamic field within the realm of healthcare. This comprehensive textbook, "Pediatric and Adolescent Disorders: Diagnosis, Treatment, and Management," aims to provide a thorough understanding of the myriad physical, psychological, and developmental challenges faced by children and adolescents. In this meticulously crafted resource, we delve into the intricacies of diagnosing and treating a wide range of disorders that affect this unique and vulnerable population. Drawing from the latest research and clinical expertise, our book offers a comprehensive overview of the most common pediatric and adolescent disorders, from infancy through adolescence. Key topics covered include neurodevelopmental disorders, mood disorders, behavioral disorders, chronic illnesses, infectious diseases, and more. Each disorder is examined in-depth, with a focus on evidence-based assessment, treatment modalities, and a holistic approach that considers the psychosocial and familial aspects of care. Furthermore, "Pediatric and Adolescent Disorders" places special emphasis on the evolving nature of healthcare, discussing advancements in telemedicine, genomics, and precision medicine as they relate to pediatric and adolescent care. It also addresses the importance of cultural competence and ethical considerations in delivering healthcare to this diverse population.