Past Conference Report on 2nd Annual Summit on Diabetes, Obesity and Heart

Author(s): Archil Khomassuridze

The International Annual Summit on Diabetes, Obesity and Heart was held on July 31st- August 1st 2020
as a Webinar due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic.
We represent our Gratitude and sincere thanks to our wonderful Speakers, Delegates, Students, Media
Partners and Associations for making Diabetes Congress 2020 Conference a grand Success. We would also like
to thanks our Organizing committee members for making sure there has been left an Inch of mistakes left in
organizing a Conference and making sure that the webinar doesn’t affect the Conference in any possible way.
Diabetes Congress 2020 has taken privilege of Honoring Keynote Speakers, Whose talk made this meeting
progress in an interesting manner.
The Panel discussion session made a intellectual knowledge sharing experience as this made the delegates
to raise their questions towards the speakers. The Speakers were keen enough to answer the queries and
raised the standards of the webinar. We would like to give a special thanks all the Delegates who attended
the webinar and made sure they don’t miss a chance to make use of the webinar.
Our Keynote Speakers:
Lynn Romejko Jacobs | Texas women’s university | USA
Gundu H.R. Rao |Thrombosis Research Lillehei Heart Institute | USA
Our Speakers:
Eric E Kelley | Robert M. O’Doherty | West Virginia University | USA
Frederick I Allison | Ugochukwu Duru | University of Port Harcourt | Nigeria
The Webinar ended successfully with a final words from our OCM members which took the Conference to
a highly informative manner.