Oral Rehabilitation of resection cases with Cortico-Basal implantology

Author(s): Vivek Gaur

Osseous Reconstruction of the oral cavity defects is a challenge to the field of maxillofacial surgery in both physiological and pathological conditions to bring back the near normal esthetics and functions for the patients. For physiologically atrophic jaws reconstructive procedures are well described in literature to obtain required stability for prosthetic rehabilitation, procedures such as microvascular surgery’s and osseous grafting techniques are well described for pathological defects. These procedures are practiced with good success in achieving the aesthesis for the patient but fail to full fill the functional aspects.

Role of conventional implants is questionable in these cases due to the viability of osseointegration to cancellous bone availability and peri implant bone loss were as a CORTICO-BASAL IMPLANTS / STRATEGIC IMPLANTS® utilizes the cortex of the reconstructed bone or the natural bone to achieve immediate functional loading of the implants without any per implantitis.