Opposite charges-electrostatic attraction: Mechanism for curing HIV/AIDS, COVID-19 and cancers

Author(s): Maduike C O Ezeibe

It is already in literature that RNA viruses which include HIV and COVID-19 virus, have positive electrical charges while DNA viruses and abnormal (tumor and infected) cells are negatively charged, hence the hypothesis: Opposite charges-electrostatic attraction, mechanism for treating viral/abnormal cells diseases. Electrically charged medicines would adsorb onto viruses of opposite charges, thereby inhibiting first stage of viral replication and mopping extracellular viruses. Those positively charged, would additionally, adsorb onto abnormal cells to mop tumor-cells and destroy infected cells (unmasking intracellular pathogens). Molecules of aluminum-magnesium silicate (AMS), a WHO-approved medicine/ stabilizing agent (adjuvant) consist of nanoparticles with negative and positive ends. The nanoparticles` ultrasmall size (0.96 nm) would enable them reach all organs/tissues to mop viruses and abnormal cells. As adjuvant, AMS improves antimicrobials-efficacies for effective treatment of secondary infections and as a silicate, it enhances immunity. Mopping viruses/abnormal cells, unmasking “hidden infections”, effectively treating secondary-infections and enhancing immunity would cure any viral/abnormal-cell disease including COVID-19, HIV/AIDS and cancers. Nigeria does not have natural AMS-deposits but we have aluminum silicate and magnesium silicate (WHO-approved medicines, too). So, we used these other solid minerals to synthesize an AMS-brand {Al4 (SiO4 ) 3 + 3Mg2 SiO4 → 2Al2 Mg3 (SiO4 )3 }. To make the un-absorbable Medicinal synthetic AMS (MSAMS) act systemically, glucose® is incorporated in its formulations, to convey the electrically charged nanoparticles across mucous membranes (active transportation) into blood for circulation to all organs/tissues. The MSAMS has proved effective against all viruses and abnormal cells tested (in vitro and/or in vivo) including HIV, COVID-19 and cancer-cells.