Nanotechnology: A Dental Bonn

Author(s): Parul Sharma and Ametesh Dutta

Nanotechnology era is rapidly approaching which was muffled decades ago. All the aspects of human life will be influenced by progress made in nanotechnology in the near future. Origin of the word ‘nano’ is from the Greek word "dwarf". The concept of nanotechnology was introduced by Richard Feynman first, in 1959, a Nobel Prize winning physicist. His lecture was tittled, “There’s plenty of room at the bottom”. And concluded by saying “this is a development which I think cannot be avoided”. James Clerk Maxwell in 1867, proposed an uprising concept of nanotechnology. In the times where, the whole world was trying to make things bigger and bigger, he foresaw submicroscopic machines with the ability to handle individual atoms and molecules. He called these Maxwell's demons, which are now famously known as ‘Nanorobots’.

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