Nano-fabrication of individual nano-devices using mechanical bottom-up nano-assembling and nanomanipulation using shape memory alloy nano-gripper

Author(s): Svetlana von Gratowski

Nowadays many different types of nano-sized materials, like nanoparticles and nanostructures, especially 1D-nanotubes, nanowires (NWs), 2D-nanomaterials such as graphene etc. have been discovered and intensively studied. Nanomaterials as the bulk materials and also as
single nanoobjects demonstrate the unique functional properties. Functional properties of single nanoobjects allowing to design many individual nanodevices based on single nanoobjects have been tested recently and have led to a wide range of proofs of the concept of individual nanoscale devices. Those individual nanodevices include NWs- and CNTs-based nano-sensors, FET, nanolasers, etc. Such single nanodevices represent attractive building blocks for a hierarchical assembly of micro/ macrodevices. The bottleneck of the design of such nano/ micro/macrodevices is missing of the technology for the hierarchical assembly of micro/macrodevices from those individual nanodevices.