Multiple exostosis disease

Author(s): Kawtar Nassar & Saadia Janani

Multiple exostosisdisease is a rare condition. It is characterized by the proliferation and the development of numerous bone swellings in the metaphysis of long bones with a possible abnormality in their shape and length. It preferentially affects the knees, shoulders, ankles and wrists. These lesions remain clinically asymptomatic, but the pain is the main complaint of patients. The phenotype of this disease varies greatly between patients. All bones that develop through endochondral ossification can be affected like long bones. Some localizations are rare but potentially serious such as the ribs, the spine or the pelvis due to the proximity to important structures. The most feared, although rare, complication is the transformation into chondrosarcoma, requiring a close monitoring. The treatment can be conservative or surgical. The treatment and excisional surgery may be indicated in the event of functional disorders or deformities.The greater knowledge of the pathophysiology of the disease makes it possible to consider potential therapeutic targets. We report a rare case with iliac bone localization, discovered in adolescence rather than childhood.