Mineral characterisation of ancient brick well at patteraiperumbudur, Tamil nadu, India

Author(s): Alby Sara Mathew

This paper is about characterisation of brick sample obtained from the brick well at Patteraiperumbudur, a recently excavated site in Tiruvallur, Tamil Nadu. The results of excavated sites have given valuable information about the Palaeolithic culture of Tamil Nadu. Physical tests such as water absorption, Porosity and bulk density is carried out to find the durability of brick sample. Morphology of the sample is studied with the aid of FE-SEM, XRD gives the mineral composition, TGA gives the thermal changes happening at various temperatures. The combined results of TGA and XRD suggest that the firing of brick had taken place in the range between 700-900 ºC in an oxidising atmosphere. The chemical composition reveals the presence of Quartz, Feldspar, Anorthite, Boromuscovite.