Management of complicated crown fracture with fiber post & lithium disilicate crowns

Author(s): Nilesh S Kadam

Traumatic tooth injuries are common in children & young adolescents. When permanent teeth are involved, it can be a challenge to save these teeth. This case describes rehabilitation of fractured maxillary lateral incisor & canine. Single visit endodontic treatment was done along with the placement of a fiber post and all ceramic crowns in subsequent stage. The patient esthetics was restored back to normal in less duration. Introduction: 22 year old patient reported to the dental clinic with the chief complaint of fractured front teeth in upper jaw (pic-1a). Patient had a vehicular trauma 4 days prior to his visit. There was no relevant medical history & there were no other serious associated injuries. Clinical examination revealed that maxillary right lateral incisor & canine were fractured at the middle third with the pulpal exposure. Intraoral periapical (IOPA) X ray showed pulpal involvement of the tooth (pic 1b). Patients smile & esthetics was altered because of the trauma to the dentition. (pic 2a & 2b) There was also enamel fracture without any symptoms. Lateral incisor & canine were quiet sensitive to air & on percussion. Patient did not collect the tooth fractured segment at the time of accident. Patient was more concerned about same and wanted to get immediate treatment.

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