In situ preparation and characterization of novel Cul-functionalized poly[(methyl methacrylate co-maleimide)] as an efficient heterogeneous catalyst in the region selective synthesis of 1,2,3-triazoles via click reaction

Author(s): N. Pourmohammad and Sh. Ahmadi

In heterogeneous catalysis, the facile separation, recovery and reusability of the

catalysts are of great significance. Therefore, the immobilization of various metals onto

different supports is a common strategy for the preparation of various effective

heterogeneous catalysts,

Poly[(methyl methacrylate)â?ÂÃÃÃÃÃ??????ÂÃÃÃÃ?????ÂÃÃÃ????ÂÃÃ???ÂÃ??ÂÉcoâ?ÂÃÃÃÃÃ??????ÂÃÃÃÃ?????ÂÃÃÃ????ÂÃÃ???ÂÃ??ÂÉ(maleic anhydride)], or [PMMAâ?ÂÃÃÃÃÃ??????ÂÃÃÃÃ?????ÂÃÃÃ????ÂÃÃ???ÂÃ??ÂÉcoâ?ÂÃÃÃÃÃ??????ÂÃÃÃÃ?????ÂÃÃÃ????ÂÃÃ???ÂÃ??ÂÉMAH], is an amorphous

engineering thermoplastic with excellent mechanical and optical properties which including

active anhydride groups that can be modified with various nucleophilic reagents. This

structure can provide an attractive and useful polymer support for the design of various

interesting materials and more importantly can be used for the immobilization of a variety of

metals for the preparation of a wide range of easily separable and reusable effective

heterogeneous catalysts.