Immediate laser assisted implants placed in infected bone tissue conditioned with lasers

Author(s): Alejandro david steinman

Bone tissue infected by endodontic or periodontal lesions, often combined, (endo-perio) produce areas of bone resorption of different magnitudes. Sometimes they go unnoticed by the patient and the colleague. In others, they cause acute processes of pain and inflammation and always, Always generate chronic subclinical inflammatory effects that systemically affect the health of our patient and that hinder or prevent implant solutions. good conventional dentistry consists of eliminating the septic focus, Disinfecting and waiting for the regeneration of healthy bone that allows the delayed placement of the implant several months later. If sufficient substrate remains.The hypothesis of our research is about the possibility of the placement of immediate implants under these extreme conditions. The method used consists of the elimination of the noxa and the total decontamination of the substrate. Process that begins according to conventional methods, Then completed with the use of chemical substances potentiated with a Diode Laser, then an Erbium Cr YSGG Laser and the preparation and placement of the implant, bone graft and membrane if necessary, all according to  Steinman Protocol of Decontamination and Laser Assisted Implants. Guaranteeing the successful onset of osseointegration phenomena, favored by a systematic laser biomodulation, immediate and after surgery with predictible post operative.