Identification of Ankyrin Repeat and RNASE Domain Mutations of RNASE L in HCC and its correlation with HCV Viral Load

Author(s): Anum Liaquat Ali

F Hepatocellular carcinoma (HCC) is the 5th commonest malignancy and leading second most common cause of cancer associated deaths worldwide and each year the death ratio is about 662,000 people across the globe. The WHO has provided the statistics and registries of cancer, which claims the estimation of about 564,000 new cases of HCC identification every year. The highest risks have been reported in accordance to people found living in Eastern Asia, central Africa, and Western Africa. HCC is a form of liver cancer and about 80% of cases are correlated with chronic viruses infections. In 80%–90% patients of HCC it has been observed that the initiation of cirrhosis is due to HBV and HCV. Different types of gene mutations are also involved HCC pathogenesis. RNASE L has one of the most significant role in antiviral response. Which is regulated by interferon and involved in the cleavage of viral RNA therefore the aim of this study is to identify RNASE L ANK and RNASE domain mutation/s in patients and correlate it with viral load of HCV.