How nursing satisfaction can improve patient healing outcomes

Author(s): Khatun Khalaf Shamo

The aim of the study was to assess nurse job satisfaction from different medical departments working in general hospitals in Sinjar District/Nineveh. The assessment was implemented through the using of questionnaires, which measured various aspects of job satisfaction, such as stress level and optimism/ pessimism, coping abilities. The study supports the reality that nurses job dissatisfaction is very related to high levels of stress, burnout and physical and mental exhaustion, together with high workload levels and the complexity of care. Sample of 1,304 nurses from 15 different wards working in Sinjar General Hospitals from a number of cities in northern, central and southern Sinjar. The survey instrument was a questionnaire consisting of 205 items which included 5 different questionnaires combined together. The results show a low level of job satisfaction (IWS= 11.5, JSS=126.4). However, the participants were overall happy about their job and considered autonomy and salary important factors for job satisfaction. Research has shown that the nurses’ level of satisfaction in Sinjar hospitals is low. The results concluded dissatisfaction with task requirements, organizational regulations and advance in career. Nurses interviewed did not feel stressed and stated to be optimistic generally.