Health risk exposure to Cypermethrin: A case study of Kano state, Nigeria

Author(s): RAIMI Morufu Olalekan, SAWYERR Henry Olawale and ISAH Hussain Muhammad

The current poor pesticides safety performance in Nigeria is as a result of the defective issues surrounding it. One of the most common causes of death from pesticides is carelessness in the application. Spray applicators frequently ignore recommended procedures and cover themselves with the pesticides they are using. Most of the exposure is dermal. Pray droplets are too large to be easily inhaled. Protective clothing is uncomfortable to wear, especially in warm weather, when most applications take place. As Pesticides become an important and growing component of the 21st century that has been widely adopted globally to control pests, diseases, weeds and other plant pathogens, in an effort to reduce or eliminate losses in yield and maintain good product quality. As the world relies heavily on pyrethroids for the control of vectorborne diseases, including malaria. Huge advances have been made overthepast20yearsinmalaria control to cut transmission by about half, primarily using pyrethroid-treated mosquito nets, and prevented millions of malaria-caused deaths in the process

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