Health needs assessment for foundation students at Oman College of Health Sciences

Author(s): Laila Darwish AlBalushi

To raise the students’ awareness about health needs assessment regarding the mental health, nutritional health and physical well-being of foundation college student at Oman College of Health Sciences (OCHS). Objectives: 1. To obtain the views and opinions of foundation students regarding their own health needs and related issues in the following area: - Mental health and wellbeing needs - Nutritional related needs - Physical health needs 2. To obtain parents opinions regarding the mental health, nutrition and physical well-being in order to expand the knowledge about the student environment at home and parents awareness of health related needs and issues. 3. To increase awareness about health needs issues, educational interventions and recommendations will be created at Oman College of Health Sciences as sittings for potential health and wellbeing related interventions. Method: literature review was conducted to highlight the main focus area of health needs assessment for foundation college students. Three priorities of health needs assessment was identified which are the mental, nutrition and physical health. Questionnaire was formulated with three main sections about mental, nutrition and physical health. Data collection tools were used for both student and their parents by means of self-reported questionnaire were distributed via on line method using google forms and hard copies. Health education intervention was implemented by creating 4 hours workshop for both students and parents for disseminating the results of the survey and providing the recommendations for future improvements. Analysis: using google forms application in accessing respondents responses and using graphs for numerical description and making interpretation based on the given graphs. Results: 95 % response rate of (307 out of 341) students at foundation center, majority female students represents all regions from all sultanate of Oman. Student survey: Majority of student rated workload as main cause of their stress. Lack of time and lack of facilities are top tow ranking barberries that prevent students to do exercises.68 % of students acknowledged the importance of healthy diet. Parent survey: 12.8% of respondent answered that they have family history of chronic mental illness, 8.6% with hyperactivity, and 7.1% with depression. When we asked about the source of the stress, 55.6% of them answered because of their financial status and 41.9% have stress from their work. 97.4% of the respondent said that it is important to do physical activity, 49.6% of them they do exercise where as 50.4% they do not, 74.2% of them going for walking