Genetic markers in HLA region to identify patients with tuberculosis risk, in RA subjects

Author(s): Gustavo Esteban Lugo-Zamudio, Rosa Elda Barbosa-Cobos, Dolores Delgado-Ochoa, Rodrigo Huerta-Gutierrez & Julio Granados Arreola

Objetive: To identify the patients with RA at highest risk of TB, prior to the use of biological therapy antiTNF. Method: We carried out a study of two phases considered three groups, in the first we performed a case and control study in the Hospital Juárez de México, in the second phase, the results of phase one were analyzed with those obtained in the group of patients identified with Poncet´s disease. We compared the classes I and II of the HLA of patients naïve to biologic treatment with healthy controls. Result: We have identified several candidate alleles that will help to advance the personalized treatment of RA that takes into account the genetic risk to develop TB, particularly the alleles B27 and DQB1*0301. Conclusion: Patients with RA have an increased risk to develop TB and severe complications derived from it. This infectious process is related to the use of biologic.

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