From leaves to genes

Author(s): Aliyev Zakir Huseyn oglu

Aliyev Zakir Husein oglu was born in 03/05/1949, in the family of an employee. In 1972 he graduated with honors from the Department of Mechanical Azerbaijan State Oil Academy. Po end of ASOA in 1972, in the face of a specialist with higher education being, a tendency to engage in research activities was taken in Azerbaijan Scientific-Research Institute (AzINMASh) for the position of Art. Engineer in the department "wellhead", where he worked on 1975. Given their contribution to the development of the agro-industrial science as a result of many years of scientific activity, in 1997 he was elected a member of. Correspondent, and in 1998 a full member (academician) of the International Academy of Ecology and Natural Resources. In 2001 he was elected a full member of the Academy of Sciences of the Russian Federation The water problems. In 2014 he was elected professor of RAE, established the medal A. Nobelya.V 2015, the year for his significant contribution to the development of world science awarded Order "PRIMUSINTERPARES", etc.
Research Interest:
Agricultural science, soil science, erosion research, irrigation land reclamation, hydrology, hydrography, reclamation, ecology, biology, environmental technology, Earth sciences, aerospace research, remote sensing and GIS.