Formulation of a Composite Rice Straw/Cement: Elaboration of a Treatment of Straws by Earth Solutions (Sand Laterite Clay)

Author(s): EMERUWA Edjikeme, SERIFOU Mamery Adama and KOUASSI Bleh Raoul

In a sustainable development context, the recovery value recovery of waste in building materials is becoming a recurring practice. As a result, there are many materials incorporating agricultural waste that were previously the source of bushfires. In Côte de D’Ivoire, rice cultivation occupies a prominent place, especially with some food autonomy (MINAGRI, 2007). It is therefore interesting to consider the recycling of waste from rice farms, especially in building materials. However, straws are characterized by a large amount of water absorption equivalent to three times the mass of straws (SERIFOU et al., 2019). To reduce this parameter, a treatment based on their soaking in soil solutions was considered. This work aims to know the influence of this treatment on a composite rice straw /cement. Specifically, the question is how the treatment affects the absorption rate of rice straw (RS) and what its effects are on the resulting composite. This paper will present successive methodology, results discussed, conclusion and perspectives to this study.