Fabrication of hybrid surface nanocomposites for aluminum alloy by friction stir processing

Author(s): Essam B.Moustafa

The increase of new composites applications in our life is improving the performance of many machines and applications, like, aerospace, marine, automobiles structure and electronic industry. So, Aluminum alloys without reinforcement additives are often insufficient in some applications requiring hardness and high mechanical properties. Friction stir processing (FSP), one of the most recent techniques for developing Nano composite surface.  Surface hybrid Nano composite layers reinforced with Nano-sized powders on the aluminum alloy matrix will developed by (FSP). The proposed study focuses on the distribution methods of nanoparticles on the surface to be improved, so that there is a perfect homogeneity between the surface of aluminum alloy and nanoparticles. The optical and scanning electron microscopy (SEM) will used to study the microstructure of samples, as well as to investigate the size and morphology of the reinforcement powders.  Moreover, microhardness test will apply to characterize the mechanical properties of the samples.