Evolution of High-Performance Sustainable Magnesium Based Materials for Sustainable Planet Earth

Author(s): M Gupta

Irresponsible use of natural resources like fossil fuels and environmentally toxic technologies developed over last century has been instrumental for us to enter mass extinction even that is only sixth in last half billion years. The root cause of widespread weather disturbances particularly recordedover last 25 years is primarily attributed to the greenhouse gas emissions with transportation sector, a key player. Attempts have been initiated to reduce the greenhouse gas emissions and one relatively simpler way is using lightweight materials. Magnesium being 35% lighter than currently used aluminum provides an ideal option. In view of the tremendous potential of magnesium based materials, the present talk will focus on the recent developments in the evolution of magnesium-based materials including nanocomposites, metastable composites, syntactic composites, and magnesium containing high entropy alloys. Insight are going to be provided on their synthesis and key characteristics primarily that specialize in mechanical properties.