Ergonomics in musculoskeletal ultrasonography

Author(s): Sabido-Sauri Ricardo, Ventura-Rios Lucio & Hernandez-Diaz Cristina

Background: Ergonomics is the science responsible for understanding the interactions between human beings and other elements in a system. In medical disciplines such as ultrasonography, Work-Related Musculoskeletal Diseases (WRMD) has a high prevalence. Shoulder, neck and wrists are the most frequent sites of injuries. The importance of the WRMD stands out because it generates significant economic and labor disabilities. Objective: The most studied musculoskeletal lesions in professionals are related to obstetric, vascular, abdominal, and cardiac ultrasonographer practice. Thus, a search focused on musculoskeletal ultrasonography was carried out. Methods: This manuscript is a summary of a systematic review conducted through databases (EBSCO, Pubmed, ClinicalKey) using articles and guides between 1995 and 2016; restricted to articles published in English and Spanish, and all related to musculoskeletal ultrasound practice. Results: There are few reports related to the impact of WRMD in professional ultrasonographers despite the increased use of musculoskeletal ultrasound since the '80s, but neither the existence nor an ergonomic plan to apply to those professionals are published. Conclusions: WRMD are increasing related to practice; the need of a wide review of the main risk factors, production mechanisms and injury prevention measures must be carried out soon.

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