Disease Activity and Colchicine Resistance in Familial Mediterranean Fever: Gene Variants' Influence

Author(s): Hounzou C

Osteonecrosis of the femoral head (ONFH) is a debilitating condition characterized by the death of bone tissue in the femoral head, particularly prevalent among rheumatology patients. This comprehensive review examines the prevalence, risk factors, diagnostic challenges, and treatment modalities of ONFH in Kara, Togo. Limited access to advanced diagnostic tools and specialized care, as well as cultural and socioeconomic factors, pose significant challenges. Non-surgical interventions, including pharmacological management and physical therapy, are explored, along with surgical options such as core decompression, osteotomy, and total hip replacement. Efforts to improve access to care and raise awareness about rheumatic conditions are crucial in addressing this pressing issue in the region.