Design and Construction of Smart public sanitation system

Author(s): Jimmy Majumder

As the world population is increasing, the safety and health issue is one of the most alarming sectors. Our project aim is to develop of a smart public sanitation system for health safety. It means that –“as if, for flushing we need to press button”, but in government or public
toilets we found that; a lot of people uses public toilet for their regular purpose. But most of them are not pressed the flush after using the toilet. The number of people is out of habitation and they are not conscious about their health. Due to this mind set, lot of dirty waste is kept itself in those toilets and slowly from those toilets various viruses and bacteria get released in the nearby area which is responsible for various types of diseases. More ever, People living in the area surrounding the toilets start suffering from various diseases. This takes place only because of improper sanitation and inhabitation. As a solution of this problem, first time for ever in the world we have generated
an idea to design and construction of a smart health safety system for public sanitation. Thousands of life will be safe from toilet hygienic and billions of dollars will be saved byproper implementation of this project.