COVID catalyst: telemedicine in rheumatology protects patient care beyond just the pandemic

Author(s): Adam Kilian*, Mamata Chand, Maha Almackenzie, Nadine Mbuyi, Saira Bilal, Gelareh Atefi & Victoria K. Shanmugam

During January 2021, rheumatologic care in Washington DC was affected by both the peak of the COVID-19 pandemic in the United States as well as a deadly insurrection and attack on the US Capitol. As rheumatologists practicing a few blocks from the White House, the authors discuss the crucial role that telemedicine served in delivering healthcare to patients with rheumatic diseases during and after the attack on the US Capitol as threats of violence, physical barriers, military vehicles, and armed troops challenged traditional means of caring for patients. The authors also discuss the role for telemedicine in safely providing future healthcare delivery.