Common neurological diseases in children

Author(s): Amit Arora

The brain is one of the maximum vital and sensitive organs with inside the human frame. Neurological issues are the ones troubles as a result of a disorder of the brain or apprehensive machine and bring about mental or bodily signs relying at the region of the brain involved, main to problems. The human brain starts growing while the kid is with inside the womb and keeps via infancy till adolescence. The brain cells are on the whole shaped earlier than beginning, despite the fact that the nerve connections do now no longer broaden till later. Neurological problems have a huge spectrum and may have numerous causes, complications, signs, and results. All neurological situations contain the apprehensive machine which accommodates of the brain and the spine. The apprehensive machine controls the whole lot with inside the human frame along with movement, imaginative and prescient and listening to abilities. Symptoms and consequences rely upon the region of the brain that has been damaged.