Commentary on Adverse Reaction to Psychotropic Drugs

Author(s): Irina Piatkov

ADRs, pharmacogenetic testing should play a significant role in any Thousands of samples
for pharmacogenetic tests have been analysed in our laboratory since its establishment. In
this article we describe some of the most interesting cases0020of CYP poor metabolisers
associated with adverse reactions to psychotropic drugs. Prevention of disease/illness,
including Adverse Drug Reaction (ADR), is an aim of modern medicine. Scientific data
supports the fact that evaluation of drug toxicology includes several factors, one of which
is genetic variations in pharmacodynamics and pharmacokinetics of drug pathways. These
variations are only a part of toxicity evaluation, however, even if it would help to prevent
only a small percentage of patients from suffering adverse drug reactions, especially life
threatening modern psychopharmacologic practice.