Clinical considerations and precautions for immediate loading of dental implant in extracted tooth socket

Author(s): Sachin Bhalla

In cases of Immediate loading the foremost important evaluation lies on the investigative tool either available before loading or while and before tooth is extracted with bad prognosis and clinical evaluation as las key resort in ref. to patients interest. Or in cases of delayed loading too CBCT, OPG, IOPA, BONE CALLIPERS. Of these tools for important for loading of implant . Implant placement in maxillary anterio region has most aesthetic challenges in implant dentistry because tooth loss cause bone resorption and collapse of gingival architecture, which cause aesthetic compromise and inadequate bone for implant placement. Actual implant placement into fresh extraction socket reduces the treatment time, cost, defend the gingival aesthetic and increases the refresh of the patient. This text describes the procedure for immediate implant placement in fresh extraction socket and early loading of implant with zirconia crown. Clinical and radiographic examination revealed width and length of the tooth for choosing implant size and style. Cement maintained zirconia crown was used for early packing . Implant was strongly loaded and was functional during 36 months follow up course. Immediate placing and early loading of implant provides advantages like fewer surgical action , shorter analysis time, and improved aesthetic and psychological confidence.

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