Chemotherapy induced myocardial dysfunction and heart failure

Author(s): Bayramzade SR, Mehdiyeva NI, Rustamova YK, Bakhshiyev MM

In modern times, breast cancer (BC) ranks first among malignant tumors in all developed countries of the world and in recent years there has been a progressive increase in this indicator. Although anti-cancer therapies have developed rapidly to increase patient survival, there has also been an increase in side-related morbidity and mortality. Cardiovascular diseases are particularly common among these and thus the incidence of disease and death has increased in patients recovering from this disease. Cardio-oncology has taken special actuality in recent years. Additional research is needed for many aspects of the developing cardiovascular system related to chemotherapy. The development of cardiotoxicity associated with anticancer therapy may be either a direct result of its effects or indirectly related to the progression of cardiovascular disease.