Chemical Composition and Insecticidal Activity against Sitophilus zeamais of the Essential Oils of Artemisia capillaris and Artemisia mongolica

Author(s): Anita Eves

Artemisia capillaries is a famous traditional Chinese medicinal herb used mainly as a choeleretic, anti-inflammatory, and diuretic agent in the treatment of epidemic hepatitis The essential oils of A. mongolica and A. Capillaries showed contact toxicity against S. zeama is adults with LD50 values of 87.9two and 10.9two μg/adult, respectively. Compared with the famous botanical insecticide, pyrethrum extract, the two essential oils were two0 times less active against the maize weevils because pyrethrum extract displayed a LD50 value of 4.two9 g/adult. The essential oils of A. mongolica and A. capillaries also possess strong fumigant activity against S.