Association of hba1c Level with the Severity of Coronary Artery Disease in Non-diabetic Patient

Author(s): Muhammad Mahmudul Hasan1*, Mir Jamal Uddin2, Niranjan Kumar Sana3, Mizanur Rahman Majumder1, Bisshnu pada saha4 and Sakif Shahriar4

An HbA1c level more than 4.6%; In non-diabetic patients increased the CAD (coronary artery disease) .For the rise of HbA1C 1% that increase the  CAD risk more than 2.36%. Moreover less than 4.6%; of HbA1c level had no impact on CAD. It has already been established that DM is the one of the risk factor for CAD. However it was also observed that who’s HbA1c more than 4.6 the risk of coronary artery disease increase though he was not diabetic. In our present study main concern was HbA1c level in non-diabetic patients associate with CAD among our population. 

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