Aquaponics Supplying the Nutrient Film Technology and Iron Supplementation in Livestock Wastewater: Impacts on the Development of Spinach and Phantasies Species

Author(s): John Gatherer

Aquaponics using aquaculture wastewater and 28 plants/m2, respectively in each aquaporin unit during the fifth harvest, the highest yield was observed in T2 (881.74 ± 17.16 g) followed by T1 > T3 > T4 > C. The nutrient analysis of plants revealed that the iron interacted with essential macronutrients and micronutrients and had a beneficial impact on their uptake, which A significant difference was found in the fish body weight among the treatments and control. The highest fish body weight was observed in T2 followed by T3 > T4 > T1 > C Iron has a role in oxygen transfer, cellular respiration, electron transport, etc in fish with haemoglobin function beingparticularlyimportant. Therefore,ironsupplementation may be required to optimize plant production. There is a dearth of data on the effect of iron addition to aquaculture water inaquaponics on crop productivity growth of fish and health