Aquaponic System's Compartmentalised Diversity of Microbes and the Connection To The Nitrogen Cycle

Author(s): Clevo Wilsone

Recirculating aquaculture and hydroponic crop production combine inaquaponics. Eachcompartment in these systems—fish tank, bio filter, sump, horticulture table, radial flow settler, and anaerobic digester—has its own distinct environmental pressures that cause the formation of unique populations of bacteria. Triplicated the microbial community composition has been investigated in three cycles of growing lettuce using aquaponic systems. Using amp icon sequencing of the bacterial and archival 16S reran genes, ecosystem patterns were produced using the sampling of specific compartments. The presence of nitrifying bacteria in the hydroponic compartments indicates these compartments may be more important than initially thought in the nitrogen cycle of the system. More archival readings have been taken from sludge samples than from other sources, in addition to the temporal variations in community compositions within the anaerobic compartment.