Applications of Biomaterials in Cardiovascular Research: Clinical Implications

Author(s): Yufeng Zheng

Based on investments and demand, cardiovascular biomaterials (CB) predominate in the biomaterials category. This review article gathers data on the CB and divides it into three main categories: metals, polymers, and biological materials. One of the main factors that restrict the use of biomaterials for cardiovascular applications is their compatibility with blood. The main figures connected to blood compatibility are discussed in this study. Several surface modification techniques were being used at the time to improve the CB’s compatibility. For a better understanding, some current surface modification technology applications on the components of cardiovascular devices were also covered. The use of induced human pluripotent stem cells (ihPSCs) and endothelization of cardiac implants, two contemporary CB trends, are also discussed in this review. The topic of CB is constantly expanding, and a lot of fresh academics are becoming interested in it. This review will provide as a one-stop resource for swiftly understanding the fundamental studies in the area of CB.