Aerosol evacuation devices: Re-Inventing dentistry

Author(s): Abhishek Nagaraj

Aerosol evacuation has become a necessary factor for safe dental practice. This article aims to mention various levels at which aerosol evacuation should be done and the devices which may be utilized to address aerosol evacuation at these levels. These devices have been formulated and patented as part of an innovation drive to address growing need for such effective devices which may utilize available clinical operatory resources for creation of a safe working environment for dental professionals and their patients. Dental procedures have always depended vastly on powered devices such as ultrasonic instruments, rotary instruments etc. mainly utilizing water spray as a primary coolant. The aerosol particulates which are formed by such an operation have been known to be a source of infection especially once they combine with patient’s saliva, food debris and bacteria or viruses that may be present in the oral cavity of an infected (or carrier) patient. Air-borne aerosols and aerosols deposited on the dental apparatus and surfaces of clinic operatory are equally harmful not only for the dentist and assistant but also may be a huge source of infection for patients visiting the operatory several hours after any infected (or carrier) patient was treated.

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