Accentuate Innovations and Emerging Novel Research in Plant Sciences

Author(s): Dwarika Singh

Dwarika Singh was born in a very poor family of a small village and seen how each one was struggling for survival and latter the unsupportive role of a government official. It has enabled me to fight for three things 1. Reach the level where survival should never come into the picture. 2. Rather entering into a Government job, enter into the private job and then start own business. 3. Set ourselves as one of the examples that people can also come-up from a small village rather just from convent schools or big business schools. The entire resource crunch, hurdles, ignorance, abuses, ditches added energy to me to fight and win and ultimately I won all. I am very much ethical; to the point professional with full of belongingness and knowingly never do anything wrong. I am font of living quality life rather lavish & luxurious one.