A Note on Sensing the Water Oil Interface by Infrared-Spectroscopy

Author(s): Johannes Kiefer

In this work, attenuated total reflection (ATR) infrared (IR) spectrometryalysis|spectrum analysis|spectrographic analysis|chemical analysis|qualitative analysis} is applied to a series of w/o emulsions of an liquid anthocyanin-rich bilberry extract spread in an exceedingly
medium chain acylglycerol (MCT) oil section. The content of the surface-active agent polyglycerin-polyricinoleat (PGPR) has been varied consistently so as to research whether or not or not its concentration has a control on the molecular stabilization mechanisms.
The molecular stabilization is accessed by a careful analysis of the IR spectrum, wherever changes within the wave frequencies and signal strengths indicate alterations of the molecular surroundings at the water/oil interface. Such emulsions ar advanced multicomponent
systems and therefore the molecular mechanisms that result in a stable emulsion ar nevertheless to be absolutely understood. The results recommend that adding surface-active agent in more than  Chronicles by weight doesn’t result in Associate in Nursing increased stabilization of the emulsion.