A multiscale micromechanical model of nanoreinforced composites

Author(s): Mukesh Sethi

Due to their excellent all-encompassing qualities, nano-reinforced composites offer a wide range of advantageous applications. For a quantitative evaluation of the reinforcement influence of nano-fillers and performance optimise, it is essential to comprehend the micromechanical model and the reinforcing process in Nano composites that Since mechanical modelling of composite materials takes into consideration variables like multiscale, multi-phase, and multi-morphology, the original micromechanical model for typical composite materials is no longer valid. This paper addresses the multi-scale parameters equivalent modelling theory of nano-reinforced composites. After theoretical and experimental comparison and verification, it is advised to utilise a generalised modified Halpin-Tsai micromechanical model, which may accommodate any reinforcement shape, size, or orientation. A microscopic sample of the structural tensile properties of the nanoreinforced blended material was studied