A comparative hepatoprotective effect of liraglutide and nano extracts of ficus carica and olea europaea leaves on diabetes-induced in laboratory animals

Author(s): Laila A Hummdi and Safa H Qahl

The comparative effect of liraglutide and nano extracts of ficus carica and Olea europaea leaves on the histopathological and blood biomarkers of the liver of male albino Wistar rats was investigated in type 2 diabetes mellitus adult male rats’ model. Methods: Forty male albino Wistar rats of an average body weight of 247.60±6.58 g were used for this study. Thirty rats from a total of 30 rats used for this study were injected with a single dose of 60 mg/kg/ b.w of STZ to induced a diabetic rat’s model and assigned into (2,3&4) test diabetic groups (10) rats in each group. The rest (10) rats served as the negative control Group (1). Rats in Group (2) were served as the positive control, rats in Groups (3) were injected subcutaneous with liraglutide at doses of (0.2 mg/kg/ b.w /day), and rats in Group (4) received orally 0.45gm/250g b.w./day of nano-extract of leaves. After 8 weeks of treatment, rats from each group were sacrificed and blood was collected for enzyme ALP, ALT and AST assay. Liver were harvested for histopathological examination.